SilverScript Prescription Delivery by Mail

Last Updated August 11, 2022

SilverScript delivers convenience, savings and safety.


Prescription delivery by mail is a safe and convenient way to get 90-day supplies of medications you take regularly, like high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol medication — and you’ll probably save money. There’s no delivery fee, and you can get automatic refills.

To start filling by mail, you’ll need a new 90-day prescription. You can either:

  • Ask your doctor to send an electronic prescription to CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy. This is the easiest way to get started. You can expect to get your medication in seven to 10 business days.


  • Ask SilverScript to contact your doctorand get the process started for you. Once SilverScript reaches your doctor and receives approval, your medication will be delivered in seven to 10 business days.

Learn more and start Rx Delivery by Mail.

Save Money with Rx Savings Solutions

You and your dependents enrolled in RRD medical coverage may be able to save money by using Rx Savings Solutions, a confidential online tool that finds lower-cost options for your prescribed medications. It’s free to you and your enrolled dependents. Learn more online or call 1-800-268-4476.

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