Last Updated August 31, 2023

Pay for care on your terms with Paytient, a new way to pay for your health care expenses over time — interest- and fee-free.


With Paytient, you have access to an interest- and fee-free $1,000 line of credit to pay for medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, mental health and veterinary expenses.

Once you create your account (it takes less than a minute), you’ll have instant access to your virtual card, and you’ll receive a physical card by mail shortly thereafter. You can use your Paytient card to pay for care at the doctor, pharmacy, eye doctor, dentist — even at the vet!

Paytient pays your providers upfront, while you can create your preferred payment plan. Payments are processed automatically via payroll deduction or payment method of your choice. You pay $0 in interest and fees!


Paytient is available to all benefits-eligible employees. No credit check is required.

How It Works

Using Paytient is simple:

  • Get started by creating your account on the Paytient website or mobile app. If you’re eligible, you’ll already have an account waiting for you to access.
  • Pay for any out-of-pocket health care expense by swiping your Paytient card or paying with your virtual card at checkout.
  • Click the notification that appears on your smartphone.
  • Choose the interest-free and fee-free payment plan that works for your budget. Automatic payments are set up to be withheld via payroll deduction or can be withdrawn from a debit card, HSA or FSA card, or a bank account. If you are using your HSA or FSA card, be sure the expense qualifies for reimbursement (veterinary expenses do not).

If you need help, you can chat with a Paytient team member via the mobile app.


Download the Paytient app so you always have it with you, even when you forget your wallet.