Benefits Eligibility

Last Updated July 27, 2022

RRD knows benefits are important to you. That’s why coverage is available to you and your eligible dependents.


In general, you’re eligible for coverage if you are a regular full-time or benefits-eligible part-time employee of RRD or any of its participating subsidiaries.

If you enroll, your participation takes effect the first day of the month after you complete one full calendar month of employment. (For example, if you start in January, your coverage begins March 1; if you start in February, your coverage begins April 1; and so on.) The Plan year is January 1 through December 31.

Eligible Dependents

In general, you may cover your dependents as shown below. See the Summary Plan Description and any related SMM for additional details.

  • Your spouse (including common-law spouse in states that recognize common-law marriages)
  • Your domestic partner
  • Your children to age 26, including:
    • Your natural, legally adopted, stepchildren or foster children
    • Children for whom you are the sole legal guardian
    • Your domestic partner’s children
  • Your dependent children age 26 and older who are incapable of earning a living because of a disability, subject to conditions defined in the SPD and any related SMM

Ineligible Dependents

  • Your parents, grandparents, adult brothers and adult sisters
  • Your grandchildren, unless you are the sole legal guardian (as noted above)
  • A spouse/domestic partner or child(ren) covered as an employee or as a dependent of another employee under the Plan

Confirming Dependent Eligibility

RRD conducts ongoing audits to confirm dependents newly enrolled under the Plan are eligible for coverage.

If Your Dependent(s) Become Ineligible

If your dependent(s) become ineligible for coverage under the Plan, you must call the Benefits Center or go online to remove them from coverage generally within 30 days of the date they cease to be eligible. Claims will not be paid for ineligible dependents.

Losing Eligibility

Medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage for you and/or your eligible covered dependents ends on the last day of the month in which you fail to meet eligibility requirements.

In some cases, you will have the option to continue benefits through COBRA.

Contact Information

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