Life and AD&D Insurance

Last Updated January 7, 2024

The Life and Accident Insurance Program gives you important financial protection.

Company-Provided Basic Employee Life Insurance

Basic employee life insurance is automatic, and RRD pays the full cost of your coverage. If you die, your beneficiary receives one times your annual base pay, up to a maximum benefit of $250,000 in accordance with Plan provisions.

NOTE: The amount of basic life insurance for active employees age 65 and older is subject to annual age reductions. See the Life Insurance SPD for more information.

Optional Employee Life Insurance

You may purchase optional employee life insurance from one to 10 times your annual base pay, up to a combined benefit (basic and optional) of $2 million. If you die, the Program pays a benefit to your designated beneficiary in accordance with Plan provisions.

Your premium for coverage is based on your age, smoker status and coverage amount. As your coverage amount or age increases, so do your premiums. View your cost.

Optional Spouse/Domestic Partner & Child Life Insurance

You may purchase spouse/domestic partner and child life insurance coverage for your eligible dependents. If your covered eligible spouse, domestic partner or child(ren) dies, the Program will pay the life insurance benefit in accordance with Plan provisions. You cannot cover another employee as a spouse/domestic partner or child under the Life and Accident Insurance Program. See the Summary Plan Description (and any related SMM) for details.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) for Optional Life Insurance

  • If you elect or increase optional employee life insurance, you must provide EOI.
  • If your spouse/domestic partner is newly eligible for life insurance, EOI is required for coverage amounts over $25,000. Current spouse/domestic partner participants and those who previously waived coverage must provide EOI for increased coverage amounts.
  • EOI is not required for optional AD&D insurance or optional child life insurance.

Optional AD&D Insurance

You may purchase optional AD&D insurance for yourself and your family. With this coverage, the Program pays a benefit of one to 10 times your annual base pay, up to $2 million for yourself, in accordance with Plan provisions for accidental death and certain other losses.

The optional AD&D amount a beneficiary would receive on claim approval differs for an employee and covered eligible dependents:

  • If you enroll for spouse/domestic partner coverage, the benefit amount for an eligible spouse/domestic partner is 60% of the employee’s amount (up to $750,000).
  • If you enroll for child(ren) coverage, the amount for an eligible dependent child is 25% of the employee’s amount (up to $150,000).

For more information, refer to the Active Life Schedule of Benefits.

IMPORTANT: If you increase your life insurance coverage and you are on a leave of absence, the increase will not take effect until you are actively back at work.

Designate Your Life Insurance Beneficiary

Life insurance is about protecting and taking care of the ones you love, but without a designated beneficiary, your loved ones might never receive your life insurance payout. Designate your beneficiary on the enrollment website. You may change your beneficiary designation at any time.

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