5 Tools and Resources to Manage and Maximize Your HSA

Last Updated December 14, 2022

If you’re eligible for a health savings account (HSA), you can take advantage of tools and resources from HealthEquity (RRD’s HSA custodian) to manage your HSA and maximize your savings.

1. Member Portal

HealthEquity’s online member portal is an interactive dashboard that gives you all the information you need to manage and build your health savings. It’s your go-to resource to check your account balance, review transactions, view insurance claims, invest in mutual funds, pay providers and submit for reimbursement.

2. Balance Booster

With Balance Booster, you get access to your funds before they are contributed to your account, so you don’t have to worry about having enough saved in your HSA for immediate costs. Log in to the member portal or mobile app to view your “available to spend” balance.

3. Message Center

The message center on the member portal delivers personalized alerts, account optimization tips, information about learning opportunities and new features.

4. Documentation Library

The documentation library on the member portal lets you archive and manage your receipts and other documents in one secure, central location.

5. Investment Services

Once your HSA balance reaches $1,000, you have the option to invest in mutual funds to maximize the earning potential of your HSA. You can choose from a diverse lineup of funds selected by HealthEquity’s SEC-registered investment adviser.

On the Go?

For easy, on-the-go access to your HSA, download the HealthEquity mobile app. The free app has tools to help you manage transactions and maximize your health savings. Use it to access your account, send payments to providers, reimburse yourself for out-of-pocket expenses, manage debit card transactions, store your receipts, manage your HSA investments, and more.