National Medical Options

Last Updated December 11, 2021

Medical & Prescription Drug Benefits (08:58)

Your RRD Medical Program can help support your health and manage your health care costs.


You have six National Medical Program options provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL):

All options include prescription drug coverage provided through CVS Caremark.

Depending on where you live, you might be eligible for a regional medical option.

Choosing Your Providers

If you are enrolled in the HSA Select or Copay Select National Medical Program option, you must use providers in the Blue High Performance Network (HPN). Out-of-network care is covered only for emergencies.

With the other National Medical Program options, you can use in-network or out-of-network providers, but you will save money when you receive care from in-network providers. Use the BCBSIL Provider Finder tool to find providers by location, and compare them based on price, patient reviews and recognition. You can also check to be sure your providers are in-network by calling the number on the back of your insurance ID card prior to receiving services.

2022 National Medical Program Options

Here’s an overview of the National Medical Program options. The annual deductible (amount you pay before receiving benefits) applies to all services except in-network preventive care. Your out-of-pocket maximum protects you in case of unexpected or catastrophic expenses. This is the most you will ever have to pay in a calendar year for covered and allowed medical expenses.

Contact Information


Network Names

Network Name: PPO

Select Medical Program Network Name: Blue High Performance Network (HPN)

Florida Network Names: BCBS HSA Value FL; BCBS HSA Advantage FL; BCBS Copay Value FL; BCBS Copay Advantage FL

Georgia Network Names: BCBS HSA Value GA; BCBS HSA Advantage GA; BCBS Copay Value GA; BCBS Copay Advantage GA

Maryland Network Names: BCBS HSA Value MD; BCBS HSA Advantage MD; BCBS Copay Value MD; BCBS Copay Advantage MD

New Jersey Network Names: BCBS HSA Value NJ; BCBS HSA Advantage NJ; BCBS Copay Value NJ; BCBS Copay Advantage NJ

New York Network Names: BCBS HSA Value NY; BCBS HSA Advantage NY; BCBS Copay Value NY; BCBS Copay Advantage NY

Tennessee Network Names: BCBS HSA Value TN; BCBS HSA Advantage TN; BCBS Copay Value TN; BCBS Copay Advantage TN

Wisconsin Network Names: BCBS HSA Value WI; BCBS HSA Advantage WI; BCBS Copay Value WI; BCBS Copay Advantage WI



Annual Deductible
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Office Visit
Preventive Care
Emergency Room