Save on Prescriptions — and Protect Your Health

Last Updated February 24, 2023

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not taking medications as prescribed causes an estimated 125,000 deaths annually in the U.S. The CDC also estimates that:

  • 20% to 30% of new prescriptions are never filled.
  • Medication isn’t taken as prescribed 50% of the time.
  • For patients prescribed medications for chronic disease, after six months, the majority take less medication than prescribed or stop the medication altogether.

One reason for non-adherence is cost. Fortunately, your RRD benefits help protect your health by making your medications more affordable. Here’s how:

  • If you’re enrolled in a National Medical option, you pay $0 for generic cholesterol and blood pressure medications, as well as diabetes supplies and insulin listed on the CVS formulary.
  • If you’re enrolled in an RRD National Medical Program option, you’re automatically enrolled in PrudentRx. With this program, you pay $0 for certain specialty medications filled at CVS Specialty Pharmacy for hepatitis C, autoimmune conditions, oncology and multiple sclerosis.
  • If you’re enrolled in an RRD National Medical option or the BCBS McKay Medical option, you can save money on your medications when you use Rx Savings Solutions, a confidential online tool that searches for lower-cost options for your prescribed medications.
  • If you’re enrolled in an RRD National Medical option, you can take advantage of services from CVS Caremark to find ways to save money, compare prescription costs, monitor your spending, and more.

Learn about the importance of taking medications as prescribed and tips to help you stick to your medication routine.