Go Paperless

Last Updated December 7, 2021

RRD is legally obligated to provide certain benefit information to plan participants. Printing and mailing these documents (some of which are hundreds of pages) is extremely costly.

You can help RRD save money — and avoid receiving mounds of paper in the mail — by electing to be notified via email when new benefits documents are available. Here’s how to go paperless:

  • Log in to rrd.bswift.com and select “My Profile” at the top of the home page.
  • Click “Edit” next to Custom Demographic Information, Electronic Consent.
  • Click the dropdown for Electronic Consent, then click “I agree to receive benefit information electronically,” and then click “Save.”
  • Scroll down to Address Information and click “Edit.” Enter your email address, select your preferred email (work or alternate), and click “Save.”