Crush Cancer

Last Updated January 17, 2024

Lower your risk for common kinds of cancer by making healthy choices and getting screened regularly.

Make healthy choices. You can lower your cancer risk by keeping a healthy weight, being physically active, avoiding tobacco, limiting your alcohol intake, and protecting your skin.

Get screened. Screening checks your body for cancer and may find it early — when treatment is likely to work best. Talk to your doctor about recommended screenings. In-network preventive care — including age-appropriate screenings — is 100% covered by your RRD medical option.

Find support. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, AccessHope can connect you and your oncologist to renowned cancer expertise to help identify the right treatment for the best possible outcomes. AccessHope is available at no cost to you as part of your RRD National Medical Program option. Get started by calling the phone number on the back of your BCBSIL card.

Learn more. Your Guide to Cancer Care is a comprehensive list of resources to help you get the best care and make the most of your RRD benefits when you need them.