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Your RRD benefits include resources to help you take care of your health and make better health care decisions.

Health Advocacy Solutions

You can get the most from your benefits with Health Advocacy Solutions, a concierge service from BCBSIL included with your RRD medical coverage at no additional cost. Teams of specialists, including registered nurses, social workers, and health and behavioral advocates, work together to coordinate your complex care needs, help schedule appointments, deal with claims issues and more. They can help you and your covered family members:

  • Understand your health benefits,
  • Find high-quality, lower-cost providers,
  • Cut through red tape by offering personal assistance with your health care matters,
  • Sort out a new diagnosis and what to do next, and
  • Find answers to your health questions.

One call does it all! To reach a health advocate, call 1-800-537-9765.

Member Rewards

Member Rewards rewards you for being a smart health care shopper. When you compare costs and choose a cost-effective option for your care, you could earn a cash reward.  Here's how:

  • When a doctor suggests a medical procedure or service, log in to Blue Access for Members.
  • Click the "Doctors and Hospitals" tab, then click "Find a Doctor or Hospital." Search to compare your choices and select a reward-eligible location.
  • Have the procedure or service at your selected reward-eligible location. Once the claim is paid, you'll receive a check in the mail.

Learn more about Member Rewards and get help to find a provider by calling a health advocate at 1-800-537-9765.

Condition Management

BCBSIL can help you manage chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. Contact BCBSIL to learn about the programs available to you.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. That's why your RRD medical option includes behavioral health benefits. You and your covered dependents can get care for alcohol and drug use, stress, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, autism and other issues. Log in to to find a mental health provider near you.

Hinge Health

As part of your medical coverage through BCBSIL, you have access to Hinge Health, an innovative digital program designed to help reduce your chronic back, hip or knee pain. With the program app installed on your provided tablet, you'll use wearable sensors for personalized exercise therapy that is shown to reduce chronic pain. The program also includes unlimited one-on-one coaching. 

Call 1-800-537-9765 to learn more.


Organize your health benefits with MyEvive, your personal online health hub. MyEvive makes it easy to find, organize and use your RRD health benefits, including pharmacy, dental and vision. You'll get personal care reminders, custom health alerts and more sent to your email or mobile device. Call the number on the back of your BCBSIL member ID card to learn more.

Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension Programs

The Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension programs help make living with diabetes and high blood pressure easier.

  • Livongo for Diabetes offers unlimited strips and lancets, an advanced blood glucose meter and expert advice from certified diabetes instructors.
  • Livongo for Hypertension provides you with a blood pressure cuff and an exclusive FDA-approved touchscreen meter, personalized reports and health coaching, and access to a mobile app to view and track your readings.

This program is offered at no cost to you and your dependents if enrolled in an RRD national Medical Program option (HSA Value, HSA Advantage, Copay Value or Copay Advantage). Contact Livongo at 1-800-945-4355.

Rx Savings Solutions

Save money on prescription drugs with Rx Savings Solutions, a free, online tool available to you and your dependents enrolled in an RRD national Medical Program option. Rx Savings Solutions looks at the medications you take and, if possible, finds lower-cost options to treat the same conditions. Savings opportunities can be generic forms of brand name drugs, better prices at different pharmacies, or medications that treat the same condition but cost much less than the drug you were originally prescribed.

Once you register for this voluntary program, Rx Savings Solutions will automatically notify you via text or email (based on your preference) whenever you have savings available. If you have a lower-cost alternative and want to take action, Rx Savings Solutions will notify your prescribing physician of the alternative, and your physician will need to authorize the new prescription. You can also use the "search for a medication" tool to find savings suggestions for any drug your doctor prescribes.

Go online or download the Rx Savings Solutions mobile app to access your free account. To learn more, go to or call 1-800-268-4476.

Virtual Care

Virtual visits are a convenient and cost-effective option when you need care for a non-emergency medical condition (flu, allergies, sore throat, infections, etc.). No appointment is needed.

  • Call the 24/7 Nurseline at 1-800-537-9765 to talk to a registered nurse who can help answer your health questions; provide advice; and help you determine if you should see your doctor or go to urgent care or the ER.
  • See a doctor from your mobile device or computer anytime and anywhere without an appointment via MDLIVE. Register at, call 1‑888‑676-4204 or download the MDLIVE mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

UBreathe Tobacco Cessation

If you’re ready to quit tobacco, the UBreathe Tobacco Cessation program can help you do it. The program is free to you and your family members (spouse/domestic partner and dependent children ages 18 – 25) as part of RRD's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

When you enroll, a certified tobacco cessation specialist will help you assess where you are in your readiness to quit tobacco and provide you with ongoing support, information, resources and accountability to help you quit.

To learn more and enroll, call 1-888-882-LINC (1-888-882-5462) or email

Well onTarget®

Well onTarget is designed to help you make healthy choices and reach your wellness goals. Through Well onTarget, you can:

  • Check your health status by taking a health assessment.
  • Access videos, podcasts, self-directed courses and other tools to improve your health and well-being.
  • Work with a coach to set and reach goals, like losing weight, improving your blood pressure and quitting tobacco.
  • Track your progress with built-in tracking tools.
  • Earn Blue PointsSM when you take a health assessment, link a fitness device, complete a self-directed course or work with a health coach. You can redeem your points for books, music, sporting goods, etc.
  • Get unlimited access to a nationwide network of fitness centers at discounted rates.
  • And more!

To sign up for Well onTarget, log in to Blue Access for Members. Once you are logged in, click the link on the left side of the page to go to the Well onTarget portal.

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UBreathe Tobacco Cessation

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