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Living with a chronic health condition can be challenging, but there’s help to make it easier.

Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension Programs

The Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension programs help make living with diabetes and high blood pressure easier.

  • Livongo for Diabetes offers unlimited strips and lancets, an advanced blood glucose meter and expert advice from certified diabetes instructors.
  • Livongo for Hypertension provides you with a blood pressure cuff and an exclusive FDA-approved touchscreen meter, personalized reports and health coaching, and access to a mobile app to view and track your readings.

These programs are offered at no cost to you and your dependents enrolled in an RRD national medical option (HSA Value, HSA Advantage, Copay Value or Copay Advantage), Copay Value Select or the BCBS McKay medical option. Contact Livongo at 1-800-945-4355 for more information.

Condition Management

BCBSIL can help you manage chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. Contact BCBSIL at 1-800-537-9765 to learn about the programs available to you.

Hinge Health

As part of your medical coverage through BCBSIL, you have access to Hinge Health, an innovative digital program designed to help reduce your chronic back, hip or knee pain. With the program app installed on your provided tablet, you'll use wearable sensors for personalized exercise therapy that is shown to reduce chronic pain. The program also includes unlimited one-on-one coaching.

Call 1-800-537-9765 to learn more.

Get the Most from Your Benefits

These programs are available to you and your dependents enrolled in a national medical option, BCBSIL Copay Value Select or the BCBS McKay medical option.

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